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Nutrition Coach

Creating healthier lives

Hi there! I'm Jo, a qualified nutritionist, based in London.

The food you eat affects every cell and system in your body.

It optimises how you look and feel, both mentally and physically.

I understand the challenges you may be facing when making sense of food and nutrition for your

body and I am here to help you find the best things to reach your goals.



Do you want to:


  • lose weight

  • make gains

  • improve health issues (i.e. PCOS, IBS)

  • improve your sports performance

  • improve your general health

I can help you!

It's tough to navigate your health in a world of 'fake-news' and MLMs, let me clear up the myths, and set up personalised nutrition guidance that will help you to smash your goals and create a healthier life.

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A little bit of background about me, where I studied, why I've become a nutritionist. Why I am so passionate about

evidence-based nutrition.

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Individual, tailored, and practical nutrition advise that will help you to 

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Check out my blog, busting nutrition myths and bringing you some of the most up-to-date health advice

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Get in touch to see how we can work together!

Image by Jess Bailey

"Before meeting Jo I was making bad choices with the food I was eating, but Jo has transformed my relationship with food.

I now feel much stronger and am leading a much

happier, healthier life"

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