A little bit about me...


Thanks for being curious to find out more about me!

I am a big advocate for living an active, healthy life.

Health is your relationship between your mind and your body, and you want to build a strong one!

I aim to help people from all walks of life understand the nuances of nutrition and how it can improve their life.

I take a completely tailored approach and help clients to implement some sustainable, positive changes that work for them

Focusing on personalised nutrition coaching and nutritional education, to help you be a happier, healthier you.​

I have PCOS and IBS and am a keen runner, so am personally experienced in these areas.

I have previously lost 15KG through cleaning up my diet and increasing my activity and I am very keen to help show how you can make big changes too!

I am a regular long distance runner and keen marathoner in my spare time, passionate about maximising my athletic performance through nutrition and health. I am very passionate about nutrition to improve running performance.

I am also a huge lover of yoga, pilates and strength-training, and as an ex-semi-professional footballer I am hugely passionate about sports nutrition.