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The Best Foods To Eat When You're On Your Period


Ginger is well known for its anti-inflammatory effects, helping to ease muscle aches during your period, so reach for a hot much of ginger tea for relief from cramps!

Studies have also shown ginger to reduce menstruation-linked headaches and there has also been a link to a reduction in heavy bleeding.


It's very common to see dips in iron levels whilst on your period, causing fatigue and dizziness. Combat this by consuming a bunch of leafy greens - spinach, kale and swiss chard and swiss chard are all super tasty and nutritious!


Citrus fruits are also packed with fibre and vitamin C and can provide relief from mood swings and bloating. Their sweetness can also prevent refined sugar cravings, which will crash blood sugar levels. Plus fruits high in water are great for staying hydrated. which combats bloating.


During your period your body can retain more water, so it's even more important to ensure you're drinking enough water and staying hydrated. Aim to drink 9-10 glasses a day, as this can also combat dehydration headaches, which are common in menstruation.


Rich in iron, magnesium, and calcium, tofu can assist with both bloating and menstrual pain, whilst also providing high levels of protein.


Nuts are rich in vitamin E, which can help to reduce swelling and aching breasts, that can often come along with your period. Additionally nuts are also rich in Magnesium, which can help to relieve dysmenorrhea cramps.


Good news! Dark chocolate is very rich in iron and magnesium. According to some studies, magnesium has been known to reduce the symptoms of PMS. So don't feel so bad when you reach for that chocolate bar, but try to choose dark chocolate to reduce sugar intake.


High in iron, protein and omega-3, eating fish could counter-act the dips in iron you can get from menstruation. There has also been studies showing that Omega-3 can both decrease the pain levels felt in period pain, reduce inflammation, and can also reduce feelings of depression - very beneficial to those of us who sometimes experience mood swings during that time of the month.

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